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Dr. Dre started working on Detox more than a decade ago but still hasn’t seen the light of day. The mythical album has been anticipated by Hip-Hop fans around the world but if Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker is to be believed (and why shouldn’t we?), the album is officially dead as the Doc is working on new music for another album now.

In an interview with Shots Fired Podcast recently, Dawaun revealed that the Detox title is now scrapped but there are hopes that he will put out new music under some other album title sooner than later.

“He scrapped Detox a couple of years ago and came up with another title. I won’t say what the title is cause I haven’t seen that online or anything yet. He was like ‘We’re going to call it this and we’re gonna put it out this way, this way and this way.’ And he told a couple of people and we just kind of knew that’s the thing we were working on and, if we get that the joint that he’s like ‘Here’s the joint I can lead off with,’ then that’s what the project will be. I’m under the impression that it’s still that one.”

Watch the clip below.

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DJ Quik’s last album The Book Of David was amazing but he will return to the scene with another new LP called The Midnight Life on October 14 which will be releasing via his Mad Science label in conjunction with INgrooves Music Group.

The Midnight Life was originally an album by The Fixxers (DJ Quik and his friend AMG) that was supposed to release in 2007 but was later shelved. Quik has retained the title now for his own solo album which features 16 tracks.

“Musically, this album is a bulls-eye for me. Can’t nobody tell me different because I’ve seen it give people chills. I’ve seen it make people happy, smile, drink, party, dance, ask for it on repeat. This album is for people who like to have fun.”

Quik has also dropped the first single ‘Tha Getter’ featuring his son David Blake which you can stream below.

Pre-order on iTunes here.

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Kendrick Lamar is getting ready to release the first single from his highly anticipated sophomore album this coming Tuesday, September 23rd. It is interestingly titled ‘(i) (love myself)‘.

The title was somewhat accidentally revealed by video production company WatchLOUD last week but not too many paid attention to it. The news stemmed from the private dinner that IGA (Interscope Geffen A&M) and Clear Channel hosted for radio personalities last week.

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But now as this Twitter user points out, the date and exact title of Kendrick’s single (along with Gwen Stefani’s ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ and Fergie’s ‘L.A.LOVE (La La)’) was posted on the IGA website but was taken down shortly after that.

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UPDATE: We have confirmed with sources that the real title of the song is ‘I’.

UPDATE 2: Kendrick Lamar himself releases the official single cover:

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Another tragedy has struck 50 Cent’s personal life, following the death of his best friend and manager Chris Lighty two years ago. The woman 50 Cent loved the most, his grandmother Beulah Jackson has passed away.

As it is widely known, he was the closest to his grandmother who along with her husband, raised him when 50 lost his mother at a very young age. 50 has revealed in several interviews that his grand mom was the most special person in his life and he often used to stay at her house even till this day.

The news of her death was revealed by 50’s cousin Continental Five.

Rest in peace.

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August Alsina’s Testimony Live tour made a stop at the Irving Plaza earlier tonight in NYC but it didn’t end too well. In the middle of the performance, he passed out and collapsed when he was just on the edge of the stage near the audience. He was immediately picked up by security at the venue and taken away.

Some fans witnessed August being put into the ambulance outside the venue. There’s a short Instagram video of the incident posted below. We hope he’s doing fine!

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UPDATE: A rep with August has revealed to TMZ that August suffered multiple seizures on stage due to exhaustion and dehydration and is currently being treated in the ICU of a New York City hospital. The doctors did not find any drugs in his system other than marijuana.

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Is the power couple working on a joint album ? According to DJ Skee, who isn’t in the habit of talking nonsense reveals on his newly launched Dash radio that Jay Z and Beyonce are about to release an album together. You can listen to the revelation below. The two have been on their joint On The Tour together since June.

Are you excited to hear a joint album from the Carters?

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