Employer Sues Def Jam For Being Hired To BOOST Sales

Here goes another controversy regarding the true character of accurate album sales reported by Nielsen Soundscan every week. I always feel there is something fishy going on behind the scenes. DJ Vee told me a freaky story regarding a convo he had with a label executive a month back. I wonder if the truth will ever come out.

Here’s the latest story via LA Times:

Veteran sales executive Theressa Rossi said in a lawsuit that she was induced to become the “front man” for a company hired by Universal’s Def Jam label to inflate sales figures reported to the tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan, which compiles the industry’s influential sales charts.

Independent retail stores were provided with free CDs of Def Jam artists by Giaco Entertainment, a New York marketing firm retained by the label, the suit said.

Giaco enlisted the merchants to repeatedly swipe the CDs across scanning machines to boost sales figures, distorting Nielsen SoundScan’s computerized reports, according to the suit, which did not specify which albums were involved. Giaco threatened retailers with delays of regular album shipments if they did not falsify sales data, the suit said. Continue reading Employer Sues Def Jam For Being Hired To BOOST Sales