Play It On The Radio #2

Oh yea, I’m back with second part of the series that I started last week. I got some interesting figures on a certain ‘Rapper turned Rocker’ and some good news for Shady/Aftermath fans. Oops, I mean Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit fans. So here we go.

  • Lil Wayne’s new rock single ‘Prom Queen‘ is already on fire. Other than impacting big on Rhythmic, Urban and Top 40 Radio, the single has already sold more than 100k copies this week. On iTunes, it is on No.3 right now as I speak and Youtube has also logged about 500k views already. In addition to that, the AT&T & Facebook stream got about 20k views. Phew. And you know how I feel about that track !
  • Eminem’s new single ‘Crack A Bottle‘ featuring Dr. Dre & 50 Cent may be doing better than what everybody expected. It’s Top 10 on the Rhythmic radio already and also impacting big on Urban and Top 40. But the biggest news is that single has been released to the iTunes store and is currently No.1 on the Top songs list. Great news for the 3-headed monster.
  • 50 Cent’s ‘I Get It In‘ officially makes its debut on the Rhythmic radio at No. 39.
  • T.I.’s ‘Dead & Gone’ featuring Justin Timberlake has the most increased plays on Rhythmic radio. Also nearing Top 20 on Top 40 radio.
  • Busta Rhymes’ new single ‘Hustlers Anthem 2009’ has not been officially released to the radio but it’s already getting very good reactions from whatever spins it has received till now.
  • Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ is the most added song on Top 40.
  • Bow Wow’s TLC sampled ‘You Can Get It All’ featuring Johnta Austin, Ciara’s ‘Never Ever’ featuring Young Jeezy, Rich Girl’s ’24s’ featuring Bun B, Soulja Boy’s ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’ featuring Sammie, Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ featuring T-Pain and T-Pain’s ‘Freeze’ featuring Chris Brown are the other new tracks making big moves on the airplay figures.

Your boy will be back after a few days again with Part 3.

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