Rick Ross On Eminem: ‘I’m Not Impressed With The Music’

Oh really Ricky? You think Deeper Than Rap is the best album out in ages? Let me do you a favour. Let me send you the link to Em’s full album. You can listen to it and sh*t in your pants.


Via Muchmusic:

Rick Ross has been beefing with 50 Cent since late last year, but recently the Miami rapper has set his sights on a new target: Eminem. Ross told MuchNews exclusively that he isn’t too excited about Slim Shady’s new tracks.

“I’m not impressed with the music. I’m still a fan of his, but I’m just not impressed with the music I’m hearing,” Rick said. “But hopefully, you know, I’ma buy his album when it come out, if it don’t disappoint me too bad. You know, we’ll see.”

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