The Game Pushes Back ‘Year Of The Wolf’; Announces ‘The Documentary 2’ Release Date

the game ed sheeran

The Game’s compilation album Year Of The Wolf which is supposed to highlight new artists like Skeme and Dubb on his Blood Money imprint was scheduled to release on September 16th.


But earlier today, Game announced that the album will now drop October 14th as he has just put the finishing touches on it. He also revealed that his next album, The Documentary 2 will be out on January 18th, 2015, exactly 10 years after the original. If I’m reading the calender right, that’s a Sunday. Oh well.

Wrote Game on his Instagram:

Hood morning (no typo): Spent the last 48 hours in the studio putting the final touches on #YearOfTheWolf & even though the date is pushed until Oct 14th I can promise my fans this #BloodMoney album will be better than anything else dropping this year ! Thanks for everyone who was apart of it & shout to my hittas @OfficialYonni & @MoussaGArt for grinding with to make the last minute changes to put this album in the can….. #YearOfTheWolf is finally done !!!!! Now on to “The Documentary 2” dropping January 18th…. Exactly 10 years from “The Documentary”….. Nobody is fucking with 2 !!!!!!!!! So don’t drop nowhere near me….. You’ve been warned ! For the people out there like me…. I salute all who are relentless at defying the odds to ensure their own success. Those who dream while still awake…. It is us that hold the keys to the future, keep grinding.. #BloodMoney

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