Freddie Gibbs Calls Out Logic For Stealing His Album Cover & Trailer

2017 is seeing a lot of top artists releasing their albums but it’s also witnessing a lot of beefs and misunderstandings.


The latest is Freddie Gibbs vs. Logic. The newly freed rapper took to Instagram and called out Logic for jacking the artwork and trailer from his recently announced comeback album, You Only Live 2Wice. “Dear @logic301 I hope you purchase my album on Friday due to the fact that you just blatantly jocked my shit. Blessings. #ESGN #YOL2 3/31” wrote the ESGN emcee.

He’s referring to the cover and trailer for his own album which is similar to the artwork and video trailer that Logic put out for his new album Everybody earlier today. Both covers are done in a similar way, taking inspiration from ancient European paintings while the trailers feature the said artwork in a museum visited by tourists.

The concept is definitely similar but this looks no more than a case of just pure coincidence. It’s a known fact that Logic had been working on the artwork for his album for six months now, as reiterated by the painter, Sam Pratt himself. It was inspired by the rapper’s trip to the Louvre museum in Paris. Hopefully the two can clear the misunderstanding in an amicable way.

The Return

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Everybody. 5/5/17

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