50 Cent Parties with Rick Ross’ Baby Mama in Miami (Video)

50 Cent is a savage, whether it comes to dissing other rappers, or just fooling on his social media. And he’s up to something again.


Last night, the G-Unit boss was partying with a few ladies and one of them happened to be Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston. This wouldn’t have been unusual in normal circumstances as 50 also had a relationship with another of Ross’ baby moms, Tia Kemp. But Lastonia is the same person who sued 50 in 2015 for leaking her sex tape on his website.

If you remember, 50 was eventually ordered to cough up $5 million in damages for posting the the explicit tape without her permission and later filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The rapper had claimed in court that he obtained the footage from Maurice Murray, Leviston’s ex-boyfriend who was also featured in the video and hence should be not held liable but the judge did not rule in his favor.

Watch footage of 50 happily taking shots with Lastonia Leviston and others above (notice how he doesn’t even drink it). The reason why 50 was partying with her is unknown at this point. We all know that the Rick Ross beef is one that 50 doesn’t seem to let go even after nice years and counting. Stay tuned for more on this.

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