Watch NBC Special ‘Dreams and Nightmares: The Meek Mill Story’

The Meek Mill story has started a whole new movement about justice reform and NBC News has been a big support in it.


NBC News’ Lester Holt sat down with Meek Mill for the rapper’s first television interview since being released from prison last month. The broadcast, which aired in full yesterday, featured exclusive access to Mill’s release, including footage of the rapper flying on a chopper with Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin moments after leaving prison.

Holt also spoke with Rubin, as well as Mill’s mother Kathy Williams and his sister Nasheema Williams for the 40 minute special. Meek discussed on his experience in jail, what it thought him, the steps he will be taking to help improve the system, fans’ support, missing family and much more. “I feel like god put me in a position to be the voice for the voiceless,” Meek told Holt when asked about his responsibility. “At this point, it’s not all about me having the light to shine on my situation. It’s about the thousands of others that’s caught up in that situation. How can we fix young black men going to jail for frivolous reasons and other young children growing up without fathers in their homes? And the cycle continuing of young black men going to prison.”

The Philly rapper also revealed his addiction to opioids. “I was addicted to opioids popping percocets on and off because it’s always been a battle with me. I never been a guy to just get high my whole life and think drugs was the solution. I actually took off in the music industry, I overwhelmed myself, and I got caught up in the lights, the fame and we seen Prince die from taking opioids. And I was in the same boat, but it was a battle for me.”

You can watch the full episode here

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