Azealia Banks Says She Wishes Wendy Williams “Dies on Air”

Azealia Banks and Wendy Williams have not had a pleasant relationship over the years. It’s so bad that the former has now wished death upon the TV host.


Earlier today (July 16), the rapper posted a story on her Instagram stories feed, which read, “OMG can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead? I would love to see her die on air.” Azealia’s anger seems to be fueled by the fact that Wendy took sides with Nick Cannon, after the rapper slammed the Wild ‘N Out host and his crew yesterday. On July 15, Azealia took to Instagram and told the world how she was left in tears after “colorist jokes” on the show. That IG post has since been deleted.

“She seems to be smart, but angry. And her anger seems to be the problem, you know. A lot of times people would rather work with second best who’s not so angry than first best. And I’m not familiar with her music. I’m just familiar with her anger,” Wendy said on air. The two of them also had friction last year after which the rapper had threatened to sue Wendy. Azealia’s new attack is a little too harsh since we know that Wendy is suffering from Graves’ disease, a serious autoimmune condition. She fainted live on TV in October of last year.

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