Beyonce Trolls Fans with ‘Where is The Formation World Tour DVD’ Merch

Beyonce is definitely up to a lot these days. Today, she has released some new merchandise which is aimed at her millions of fans who have demanded the release of Formation World Tour on DVD.


The shirts are priced at $40 and come in four colors — pink, grey, yellow and white. They feature the creative from the 2016 world tour along with graffiti style message: “Where is the FWT DVD?” That is literally the question her fans have been asking for almost three years and it seems like Bey has been tuned in. The shirts are available for purchase on her official website here.


After last week’s Netflix premiere, Beyoncé released a variety of merchandise connected with the documentary and the Beychella concert from 2018.

It was reported a few days ago that the superstar has signed a $60 million deal with Netflix, which consist of three exclusive specials, one of them being the already released Homecoming. If her next special is based on The Formation World Tour, we really won’t be surprised.