Joyner Lucas Puts Sha Money XL on Blast; Asks 50 Cent to Contact Him

Things have gone sour between Joyner Lucas and his manager, Sha Money XL.


On Thursday, Joyner took to Twitter to publicly air out Sha and revealed that he fired him about 6 months ago. The timing is interesting as Joyner hasn’t released his ADHD album despite announced it way back in October, 2017 so the issues with Sha could be one of the reasons for the delay.

When @50cent started publicly airing out ShaMoneyXL and assassinating his character, I never understood it.. I get it now. I let him go 6 months ago because he doesn’t work but wants to collect a check. I got a lot of questions I believe only 50 can answer. Tell 50 hit me,” Joyner said in the tweet. Sha Money played a vital role in 50’s early success and even produced records for him but the two fell out soon after.

In 2015, 50 explained the reasons for his gripe, revealing that it was mainly financial mismanagement. “When the money came, when the check came, Sha [Money XL] started going like everybody else, just started reaching in my pockets,” 50 Cent said in a video posted to his HangWith app. “Trying to get the money, as much money as they could get. He charged the most he’s every charged for a track for ‘Blood Hound’ on Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” He even called him out on his Instagram a few years ago, a screenshot of which you can see above.

Sha Money hasn’t responded directly yet but his latest tweet surely looks to be aimed at Joyner. “These rap n*ggas tell lies and always wanna act like victims,” he wrote.