The Game Loses Final Appeal & Must Pay $7.1 Million To Contestant

Game over with no continues.


TMZ reported on Friday (Oct. 18), the West Coast legend lost his appeal in an ongoing sexual assault case with former reality show contestant Priscilla Rainey and ordered to pay $7 million dollars in damages. Legal documents from an Illinois Federal Appeal court surfaced, stating, The Game not only lost but was also denied a new trial.

The case stems from the 2015 allegation where Rainey claims the ‘One Blood’ hitmaker sexually assaulted her during the taping of his dating reality show She’s Got Game. Quickly pressing charges following her departure from the taping, in court documents, Rainey stated she was non-consensually groped by an intoxicated Game. She described the incident, saying the rapper was “…forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

Game lost the original ruling years ago and has been appealing the verdict through lower-level courts since. Back in July, Game’s music royalties were seized to begin the payment. In the past, Game labeled Rainey “Thristy” but has yet to comment on the final ruling.

In music news, Game is set to release his final album, Born to Rap in December featuring Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Miguel, Trey Songz and the late Nipsey Hussle.