Drake & Tyler, The Creator Respond To Camp Flog Gnaw Crowd Reaction

In the lead up to Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler, The Creator kept the Sunday night headliner a secret and on posters, the space for the name of the act was filled with “???”. It turns out that each question mark was for one guest and the surprises turned out to be ASAP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert and Drake.


That seems incredible on paper, but for months leading up to the LA event, fans had convinced themselves that Frank Ocean was the surprise. This was only fuelled by Frank’s recent music releases ‘DHL‘ and ‘In My Room‘. The crowd was fine for ASAP Rocky and Uzi when they performed a few songs each, but when Drake came out, was less responsive, even booing and responding negatively when Drake offered to keep going past the few songs Tyler asked him to do.

Eventually, Drake somewhat accepted defeat and left the stage, thanking the crowd for the night. Many still expected Frank to come out, but eventually security told people to leave, to their dismay. This was met with controversy online, with many feeling the crowd were ungrateful and disrespectful.

Today, both Drake and Tyler have responded. Drake spoke to DJ Akademiks, telling him it was “a moment of humility which is always welcomed” and it just “wasn’t (his night)” and he “wasn’t who they wanted to see”. Humbling, indeed.

Tyler responded with a string of tweets, saying in hindsight the decision to bring Drake out might have been tone deaf and he understood why the crowd gave that reaction, but he still didn’t approve and it was trash, making him and them look entitled. Check out the string of tweets below.