Lil Wayne Launches ‘GKUA Ultra Premium’ Cannabis Company

Lil Wayne is the latest rapper to venture into cannabis business.


Weezy has announced his own weed company called GKUA Ultra Premium which promises the “highest natural levels of THC available.” The company promises that is is sourced from the most experienced growers, who produce strains that are very limited, incredibly potent and impossibly difficult to find.


“I used to just want to get high, now I smoke to get inspired,” said Lil Wayne. “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.” In the press release, the company says it will support fashion designers, songwriters, musicians, models, dancers and visual artists through artistic collaborations.

“The combination of our incredible products, market knowledge and commitment to quality, paired with the unmatched fanbase of Lil Wayne, the ultimate cannabis connoisseur, creates an unprecedented opportunity to create a cannabis brand that values creativity and the artistic pursuit,” said GKUA co-founder and president Beau Golob. “It’s an honor to lead this company along with Lil Wayne, curating a premium line of products that inspired people and feeds their creativity.”

There is a GKUA VIP PARTY being planned for next year which will feature performance by Wayne and others. Details will be announced soon.