Dreamville President Ib Says There is No J. Cole Album Coming Soon

During a recent Instagram Live session, EarthGang’s Olu made a joke that J. Cole’s new album is coming soon and that it was delayed due to Coronavirus since “it was stuck at customs.” A few outlets made headlines out of the same.


But Dreamville Records president Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad has shot down the rumor, clarifying that there is no J. Cole album coming soon. “There is no Cole album coming out soon and There is no Cole interview coming up. Y’all be taking these IG live jokes people make too far lol. Usually I would of let y’all rock with the rumors but people really been hitting my phone too much about this,” he tweeted.

Fans have been waiting for new music from the rapper. During his performance at the Day N Vegas festival at Las Vegas in November, J. Cole had announced that his next album The Fall Off would release in 2020. Last month, he dropped a song called ‘Show On Da Bluff‘ in response to Noname.

Last week, Dreamville dropped a documentary to celebrate the first year anniversary of their album Revenge of The Dreamers 3 where Cole spit a freestyle.