Mixtape: Game – ‘Brake Lights’

This is it. The much awaited mixtape from Jayceon that he hopes will get him some buzz for his forthcoming album. The only song I have listened to so far is ‘Street Riders’ because ever since it was announced years ago, I have been on the lookout for it. Let us know what you think. XXL debuted the mixtape and gets credit for the back cover too. Check it out (with the complete tracklist) and grab the download link after the jump.

Download here

  • DJ Skee & Game – Brake Lights [via XXL]

  • james

    Duke, Game is back. Tape is dope. First collection of music from Game I’ve enjoyed since Doctor’s Advocate.

    Brake Lights >>>>>>>> LAX >>>>>>>>>>> Red Room

    Every track, with the exception of XO’s, is listenable. Tracks 10 through 12 are weaker but they’re not bad. I have issues with the artistic direction of Phatom (poor execution of a car track and wack use of a beat). Do It B.I.G is average. Ectasy is just on some other nasty shit (not in a good way).

    I’ll tell you though,

    You Are The Blood and Stadium Music are album quality tracks. They should’ve been saved.

    Game continues to prove he’s the best vocalists from the past ten years. Kid has a rare ability to switch up his voice.

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    Stop dicksucking you bitch ass nigga, shit is garbage its a wrap for the kid, using Shyne flow ? the structure of the songs are awful ? lyrically ? shit soulja boy can spit better…….but I’ll still bump Lax,Doc,DA.

  • chtimixeur

    Nah, I’m still not convinced. The Game has kept disappointing me over the last 12 months, and this mixtape is as generic as everything he’s released for a year. Nothing on this mixtape is as good as “Laugh”, “Turn off the lights”, “American Dream” or “Bang Along”, and that’s not saying much.

    Jayceon seems lost to me : he doesn’t know how the RED album should sound (gangsta or commercial ?), and pretty much everything he releases is boring, whereas 3 or 4 years ago, his mixtapes were ALL insane.

    Unfortunately, the RED Album is gonna bomb, and there is nothing he can do about it.

  • james

    A) I’m not dick riding. I don’t like LAX nor do I like most of his leaked singles that got scrapped.

    B) It’s not a Shyne flow. He was using it before Shyne started releasing music again. It’s a Rick Ross influenced flow with some Young Jeezy. The first time he used was back on Rick Ross’s mafia music 2 remix.

    Game has two good mixtapes next to this which is You Know What It Is Volume 4. The other is BWS Volume 1. The rest of his mixtape material is wack and mainly lame disses.

    Game is as lyrical as he’s ever been which is to say this isn’t any worse than his past material which means you’re either a hater or someone who’s just stopped liking his music.

    All the songs have structure and actually make more sense than most of LAX which had choruses that didn’t match the verses.

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  • hustla

    i def like this tape

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