Chamillionaire Confirms Release From Universal, Not Allowed To Release ‘Venom’ (Ustream Session Pt. 1)

So my (Maher) favorite rapper announced several weeks ago that he was going to go on Ustream today, from the company’s headquarters, to announce his future plans, as well as answer multiple questions. The above video was recorded about two hours ago, and another one will be going live in about an hour. This video didn’t really contain much new information, since Cham decided to discuss most of his music news during the second session.


The most important note though, is that Cham is indeed off Universal Records. The negative aspect of this is that he is not allowed to release anything off of Venom, due to the agreement of his release. The rest of the topics are things we have heard before, such as his hard work as a youngster, his take on social media, and he even kicks a freestyle around the 37:20 mark. Be sure to watch the whole video because there is a lot in there, it’s just not stuff that he hasn’t said before.

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