Here’s your first look at the official cover for the box set including his three mixtapes House of BalloonsThursday and Echoes of Silence, mixed and mastered for retail release. The set will release on November 13th.

UPDATE: The track list for the album has been revealed. The 3 CD set features 3 new songs, ‘Twenty Eight’, ‘Valerie’ and ‘Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)’.

Part 1: House of Balloons

1. High for This
2. What You Need
3. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
4. The Morning
5. Wicked Games
6. The Party & The After Party
7. Coming Down
8. Loft Music
9. The Knowing
10. Twenty Eight

Part 2: Thursday

1. Lonely Star
2. Life of the Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone (Feat. Drake)
5. The Birds, Pt. 1
6. The Birds, Pt. 2
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven or Las Vegas
10. Valerie

Part 3: Echoes of Silence

1. D.D.
2. Montreal
3. Outside
4. XO / The Host
5. Initiation
6. Same Old Song (Feat. Juicy J)
7. The Fall
8. Next
9. Echoes of Silence
10. Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)
11. The Zone (Video)

Pre-order on iTunes now

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