Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ Debuts At #1 And Is Her First Number One Album

Yes you read that headline right. The mega star Rihanna is set to grab her first ever number one album as the sales figures have come in for the first week her new project Unapologetic was available. It took her seven tries, but finally Ri Ri is number one. HDD is reporting a total of 238,949 copies sold, which is a very solid number. We do feel though the figures could have been a bit higher due to her previous albums’ sales figures, but still a job well done by Rihanna and her entire team. We’re pretty sure she’ll be going platinum soon. Congrats Ri Ri!

UPDATE: It’s official. Billboard confirms Unapologetic sold 238,000 copies and will be a-top the charts.


Here’s Rihanna’s reaction to the news:

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