Chamillionaire – ‘Don’t Shoot’

cham dont shoot

Before Cham releases this track on iTunes tonight, he decides to let it go on his Soundcloud for a free stream. Check it out and purchase it at midnight. Produced by Smoke Beatz.


  • stefancmorgan

    Damn super dope… this a single?

  • BJLJBranded

    Nah, I think it’s just song he wanted to release for his fans enjoyment. Amazing Track though.

  • BucktownzFinest

    This sounds like the Ultimate Victory Cham. Great song about some recent events.

  • JoSweet

    Always dope!!

  • sick

  • shadyfff000

    I told my boyfriend i hated Cham. Obvioulsy i dont know what im talkin about. This song is dope

  • James Marlar

    Such a dope song, i have it on repeat

  • Evelina

    Chamillionaire goes hard on this track, that’s for sure. I like everything about the song. The way he raps, the lyrics, the beat, the artwork; everything. To be honest I can’t see why Poison wouldn’t be super dope.

    Thank you Koopa for this amazingly great song.

  • Lil’ Jay

    Can’t wait for more.

  • Jay-T93

    This track is to nice man

  • Rubens

    That NSA reference was too dope!

  • Don

    Dope track.

  • Eden

    ppl sleep on Cham too much… Poison about to wake ppl up like an earthquake…

  • Stephen T.

    Dope song … can’t wait for Poison … go support on ITunes!

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Koopa just keeps on getting better and this is just a song to put out there for his fans. Poison is gonna be legendary.

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