[Saturday Spotlight] Adam Reverie, Frank Affer, & Red Shaydez

I know we’re all listening to the new Kendrick Lamar album. I’m actually taking a break from it to put together this week’s post. We can discuss that later this week. The indie Hip-Hop scene doesn’t quit for a major release, though. I went through hundreds of submissions today and found a few of my favorites. If you would like to be considered for Saturday Spotlight, review our submission guidelines here.



Adam Reverie

I’ve been covering Adam Reverie’s music on the indie circuit for a few years now. I’ve always respected Rev’s honesty and ability to not pull punches with his lyrical content. “Passion” sees him addressing his fans and critics about the past year of his career, which has earned him praises from Sway and Royce 5’9″, respectively. This is a name you’ll be seeing more of as 2017 rolls along.



Frank Affer

Usually when you hear an artist from Detroit you can expect a gritty sounding record with hardcore lyrics (see Adam Reverie above). Frank Affer is a 180 from that sound with his soft melody and singing on “The Times”. Produced by Sammy Affer, Frank describes the joy and uncertainty of being carefree with decisions. The beat has enough bass to make you nod along as Frank relies on auto-tune to express his feelings in a beautiful manner.



Red Shaydez

Remember being a teenager and having to deal with peer pressure and low self-esteem? Thanks to social media the younger generation has it a lot worse than we did as teens. “Little Sabrina” from Boston, MA’s Red Shaydez documents what it’s like to cave to peer pressure along with some of the consequences that can happen because of how our society is today. The video executes Shaydez single as perfect as it can for this topic.


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