[Saturday Spotlight] Cortez Shaw, Nadiel, & Jid Durano

Yesterday we were blessed with so much great music. 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Big Boi, & Joyner Lucas all dropped albums on the same day. Not to be outdone, DJ Khaled released what sounds like the summer song of the moment with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. There’s so much music floating around the mainstream that it can be difficult to remember about the indie artists. That’s what I’m here to do this week. In the last six days I’ve probably listened to over 100 records from indie artists vying for Saturday Spotlight fame. It’s always a tough task only picking a handful but I also try to offer critiques when I can. Think you have what it takes to break through the submission folder and get posted? Send us your music here.



Cortez Shaw

Being on American Idol can do some amazing things for your career. Appearing on the show twice, Dallas singer Cortez Shaw has found an audience and has begun catering to them. Most R&B that you hear in the mainstream has a dark feeling to it as many artists follow trends. Shaw’s ‘Burn’ feels more like a record from the 90’s with its guitar and piano backed melody. The record does a great job of showing off his vocal range and serves as something to hold fans over until his RAW EP is released later this year.




DC’s Nadiel has a heartbreaking story behind his music. A high school dropout, Nadiel attempted suicide by driving his vehicle into a tree. The failed attempt lead him to lots of inpatient and outpatient therapy but his outlook was forever changed. He became determined to do something with his life which has lead him down the path of music. ‘Make a Mil’ is a slow and humble record that has Nadiel coping with his past transgressions as he attempts to make it in the music industry.



Jid Durano

During the chorus of life you’ll have people who enter and exit based on your actions and theirs. Some people come into your life to teach you a lesson about having true friends. Jid Durano’s ‘Rider$ (Pull Up)’ is a record that talks at length about this idea. It features GK Gonzalez on the chorus to get you amped and the production includes a Latin vibe while still staying in the Hip-Hop lane. The video does a great job of illustrating Jid’s lyrics as he tells the story from a dark lit room while the events unfold in between takes.


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