Drake – ‘So Far Gone’ (Retail) (Artwork & Track List)

I don’t believe in water marking album and single covers coz I think it’s really disrespectful to the artist (and his team). And I also don’t like seeing them all tagged up on other sites. But if things go worse and not the way I’d like them to be, I just may consider it in the future. Here it goes then – Untagged artwork, both front and back. Thank you.


Drops September 15th.

  • crys645

    thanks so much for this post!

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  • james

    Hey, I had a couple questions:

    Do you get paid to do this?

    Since I’ve started frequenting your blog, I’ve noticed you complain about other blogs stealing material. Who rip you off? Are they they the New Music Cartel group like 2dopeboyz & nahright? I’ve read implied complaints from GetRightMusic.com about the NMC.

    Just curious because it’s to see this new blogger atmosphere in the hip-hop community.

  • Well, we don’t always complain about it. But yes, we do sometimes when it’s too blatant. We don’t have anything against a specific blog but we expect them to credit us if they’re taking anything from us. Because we always credit the source when we have take any content from some other blog.

  • james

    I find the entire phenomenon of watermarking a picture to be amusing. I feel the same way about dj’s and their tags.

    I thought the great thing about the internet was that it removed the middle man and allowed easier access for the artist to get to the fans. Lately it just seems a lot more bullshit.

    Again, thanks for the info. I was just interesting in the dynamics of blogging and it’s ever growing role in hip-hop.

  • Lmao… u talking about the Rap Up and 2DopeBoyz among many others. I like when 2dopeboyz water mark their stuff though. 80% of the time they make the pic look way more dope. I agree with you though… water marking an album is a bit disrespectful. Anyway keep doin ya thing my man!!


  • Lol. Thanks. I just do what I believe in. That’s all.

  • Echoholic

    Damn… i wish it had more tracks. Fear is insane, heard it on the radio the other day. Uptown, Sucessful and Best I ever had were sick. Thanks man.