Lupe Fiasco Interview With Greg Street

Lupe called in to Greg Street’s Radio Show on V-103 in Atlanta and talked about his upcoming new album Lasers, touring, fan base and more. He hopes there will be a release date for the album soon. Also, The Neptunes have produced 2 tracks on the album. Yay.


Download / Listen here

Props: LupEND

Sidebar: I like ‘I’m Beaming’s hook but I don’t feel the verses.

  • james

    Everyone talks about how lyrical that track is and I’m like “huh? where?” In general there’s nothing special about the track. The production isn’t great. The lyrics aren’t amazing. Lupe’s vocals are at best okay. Even as an intro to the album it’s disappointing. Plus, for a Lupe track it’s really ass. Is this the quality people expect from Lupe or does he really have that many internet stans?

  • I agree, completely..

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