Ice Cube – I Am The West (Album Cover & Track List)

My apology for the low quality. At least I could give you an idea what it’s like. It’s not tagged doesn’t mean you can jack.


July 13th is the date.

Update: High quality up. You know how I do.

Update 2: His interview with Jimmy Kimmel also added after the cut.

Update 3: Track list added.

1. I Rep That West
2. Hood Robbin’
3. It Is What It Is
4. Urbanian
5. Drink The Kool-Aid
6. Your Money Or Your Life
7. No Country For Young Men
8. Nothing Like L.A.
9. Life In California ft Jayo Felony and WC
10. All Day Every Day
11. Too West Coast ft WC and Maylay
12. Man vs Machine
13. Y’all Know How I Am ft OMG, Doughboy, WC, Maylay
14. Pros vs Joes
15. Soul On Ice

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