Hip Hop N More Interview With Lloyd

I’ve been trying to get hold of Lloyd for an interview since  past few months. I finally caught him a couple of weeks ago since he had a little time off from his busy recording and touring schedule. As you all know, the R&B singer has released 3 studio albums plus 1 EP till date and provided hooks for many smash hits including the most recent Young Money’s ‘BedRock’. He has continued that hustle by rendering vocals to Lloyd Banks, Chamillionaire and Nipsey Hussle’s new singles which are all on the radio right now or will be in the very near future. Fresh off a new deal with Interscope Records and a new album on the way, he took some time off to speak to us. Read on..


HHNM: Hello Lloyd, thank you for taking out the time to talk to us. First things first: I love your music! So what are you up to these days?

Lloyd: Recording the new album and doing shows across the globe. Just got back fro London and Africa.

HHNM: As a fan, I would like to thank you for releasing ‘The Young Goldie EP’. Some great music there, all for free.

Lloyd: Your welcome. I did that for you and all of my other fans.

HHNM: Your buzz single ‘Set Me Free’ has been gaining some good momentum especially with the video releasing this past week. How was the experience of working with the just freed New Orleans co-native Mystikal?

Lloyd: It was electrifying. MC has a lot of energy and he hasn’t lost a step. No one else could have worked on that song. It was the perfect collaboration from the brass band track to the concept.

HHNM: Congratulations on the new deal with Interscope! Working with the team over there must be a refreshing experience for you. How is it different from The Inc / Def Jam?

Lloyd: Just a new energy and new drive. Creatively it’s different because it’s me and Pollow crafting the sound. I’ve never had this kind of artist/producer relationship before. We’re making some great music.

HHNM: So is there any bad blood between you and Irv Gotti / The Inc or is it all cool? Would you still consider a collaboration with Ja? You guys had some hit records together.

Lloyd: I just let the past be the past and move forward. No bad blood and no hard feelings, just lessons learned. I wish all those guys the best.

HHNM: Great. Your previous two albums Street Love and Lessons In Love are underrated gems in my opinion. What kind of sound are you going for on your fourth album? Is ‘Love’ going to be the underlining theme this time around too?

Lloyd: Love isn’t necessarily the theme, but it’s definitely a big part of it. Lust, love, relationships, sex, it’s all in there. The sound is something you just have to hear. People will be surprised.

HHNM: Have you picked a title for it yet?

Lloyd: I’m throwing ideas around, but nothing official yet.

HHNM: I see. Tell us some of the artists and producers that you are working with on this album. I know you were in the studio with Polow Da Don a few days ago.

Lloyd: Me and Polow started it off a couple months ago, laying the foundation. I’m going in with the The Runners and Jim Jonsin again, and I’ve been talking to Swiss and Dr. Dre about getting in. No features yet.

HHNM: Will we get to hear another Lil Wayne collaboration soon? You guys clearly have some great chemistry.

Lloyd: With Wayne being away it’s gonna be hard for this album, but I may have something tucked away.

HHNM: Name one artist who you would really like to work with but haven’t got the chance yet.

Lloyd: Just one?

HHNM: Yeah.

Lloyd: … Kanye.

HHNM: Hmm, that would be an interesting collaboration. Okay one last question and this might be a little hard to answer. It is something we ask everyone we interview here at Hip Hop N More: Prince or Michael Jackson and why?

Lloyd: I’m a huge fan of both and musically I put them on the same level, but as far as the one artist that had the single biggest influence on my music, that would have to be MJ.

HHNM: Alright Lloyd, thank you again for your precious time. Good luck on the new album, I can’t wait to hear it. Any shout outs or message to the fans?

Lloyd: Shout out to my YG team, Zone 4, and all my fans that have been patiently waiting. Stay up to date on Twitter.com/Lloyd_YG and www.YoungGoldie.com. Thanks.

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