Chamillionaire Speaks On Unreleased Pimp C Song

During his Ustream session the other day, Chamillionaire had revealed having legitimate access to an unreleased Pimp C song but not being able to release it together with Venom, under his departure contract with Universal Records. Cham now explains the situation in detail to The Source.


When it comes to the Pimp C song, that’s something that’s just magical for my fanbase. We’re not talking about Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber fans, I’m talking about people that watched me grow this whole way. And I wanted to keep that one thing for them. Just to keep it real with those people that have been with me this whole way. And I wanted Pimp C’s family to be able to make some money off of the record because his wife was the one who gave it to me. In negotiations I wanted that song when I was leaving and they told me they wanted to make a majority off the song, it was like a crazy number. I wouldn’t have made nothing and the family wouldn’t have made nothing, so I didn’t see why I would do it. So I just gave it back to his wife. I’d rather you go sell it to somebody else and make some money than this corporation making all this money off of this record. It didn’t make sense.

Go here to read the full article where he talks about Universal, major labels, Playlist Poison, new single ‘When Ya On‘ and more.

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