Chamillionaire Opens Up On Relationship With 50 Cent

A couple of days ago, Hip Hop N More sat down with Chamillionaire for a quick interview and one of the topics of discussion was 50 Cent. For the ‘new’ Hip Hop fans who don’t know about the past friction, here’s the background in brief: In an interview with Spin in July, 2007, 50 reacted in the following fashion in response to a question about Cham & other rappers cleaning up their lyrics: “Let him go sell gospel records, if he’s so f**kin’ righteous.”


But Chamillionaire, staying true to his non controversial character did not respond to the jab and chose to brush it off instead. Almost 4 years later, we ask Cham about his present equation with 50 and here’s what he told us:

HHNM: You recently posted a picture on Facebook of you hanging out with 50 Cent at a Vegas club. Keeping your past not-so-warm relationship with him in mind, what’s the situation like in 2011? As fans, we would like to hear you two on a track together..

Chamillionaire: I have never had any real issues with 50. I think maybe fans and some media tried to make a big deal out of comments he made but I never saw what the big deal was. In person 50 has always been cool. He sat in front of me at the VMAs one time and told me I was gonna win before I did. When I was in New York one time he showed me around his G-Unit offices and I even met his son. I don’t think he would have ever done anything like that if he ever had a real problem with me. We cool but what you saw was just a picture of us hanging out in Vegas. Thats just about it. I went back to my world after that night.

Lookout for the full interview coming soon where we talk about his near future plans regarding releasing new music including the Major Pain & Playlist Poison projects, top 5 dead or alive, Prince vs. Michael Jackson and more.

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