Game Already Working On 5th Album

The R.E.D. Album doesn’t hit stores until 3 days but Game is already in the studio with the 1500 Or Nothin crew recording his 5th studio album. The tweet he sent out earlier today also mentions “#LASTALBUM” at the end but we suggest you don’t take that literally.

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  • KON

    red albums pretty dope for me so i dont mind him dropping heat again.


  • Keith

    By last album he means last on interscope.

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  • chtimixeur

    Instead of working on hundreds of average songs, he should focus on 20 or 30 and make them great. RED is a big disappointment, filled with mixtape material. He threw so many great songs away since ’09, this has to stop : he needs to tighten the security around leaks. Game had classic material, but because of leaks, he didn’t include all of it on this album. I hope he works more with EP, JR Rotem and Just Blaze in the future instead of Mars.

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