Game ‘The R.E.D. Album’ First Week Sales Projections

We were thinking he wouldn’t do extraordinary numbers but this is a little surprising to us as well. Game’s latest venture The R.E.D. Album is set to move under 100k copies in the first week with HDD projecting it at 90-95k. We have to admit, that’s much below par.


Anyone remember this? Or this?

  • Shady

    WOwwwwwwwww lol

  • That’s kinda what I thought…actually better. I’m a Game fan and was counting the minutes for the leak but no one else I know had any idea it was even coming out. I have been waiting to see what it would do first week ever since he ripped Banks for the HFM2 numbers

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  • styles


  • chtimixeur

    Not surprised. Game unfortunately fell off a long time ago, and he has lost his ear for tight beats. He still has a big potential IMHO, but he must carefully choose his beats and deliver better albums than LAX and RED. So many great tracks leaked from 2009 to 2011, and with those, Game would have had a much better album (maybe not a classic, but it would have been stronger than RED). Working with Mars on his next album is a bad idea, but is Jayceon willing to admit he’s on a bad path ? Not sure.

  • GreenMonsterGroup
  • BooBoo

    That’s what it deserves honestly, first half of the album is dope but the second half is kinda wack. I love Game but listening to this album sounds like one beat on repeat.. oh and I could say the same thing about the flow.

    He still has potential for a classic, and I hate to say that but he needs to go a little more “commercial” than this album, this sound like mixtape material honestly.

  • chtimixeur

    I don’t think he needs to go more commercial. His success was built on the fact he was bringing the West Coast sound back. He needs to remember that, and finally release a decent follow-up to The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate. No Pharrell/Mars BS. Just good west coast gangsta rap with banging beats.

  • jayq

    and he was on about banks selling low 1st week! hahaha im glad about this, albums good

  • issue

    Without undershiped, lloyd banks would’ve done about 70.000 first week, and we must point out that he was coming on the same day with minaj and kanye west.
    The game laugh at 50 sales ( 150 k), at banks , even if banks didin’t have dr dre and a label on his back 2 years before the album came out, so game sir i wanna say you this: you are a loser. I hope the album will sell less than 100 k, i’m curious what he’s gonna say then, one month before he started screaming on twitter how he’s gonna have big sales or something.
    So .. i can finnaly say it: game’s over.. You may say me that g-unit is over too, but isn’t because of game, anyway one thing is clear: without g-unit, is no game.

  • issue

    And yeah, i have a feeling that the next one drop from interscope is you ..auch, auch, without interscope you woulnd’t sell 25 k..

  • Snot

    i asked my friend (girl) about game and she said she dont like him because hes in the middle, hes not sure if hes gangsta or hes commercial…he flip flops uses whack beats…just thought that was interesting from her point of view…

  • 100K in one week isn’t a bad number these days if you ask me…there’s no real stand out hit or single that launched the album either, so pretty much what you would expect.

  • boy4rmdasouth

    Floppp!! 4 someone who talked about 50 cent’s 150 k first n still reached gold status… game ain’t even gonna tag 100k n if so sry G- unit wasn’t destroyed by game… interscope lack of promo n leaks killed G-unit sales. Record labels step it up.

  • Gunot

    Shut the fuck up hateing, Game is the reason G-unit is done with, Banks is O.K at best! 100k for the frist week is good, wtf are you lames talking about? 50 cent stopped being hot after ” Get rich or Die Trying”

  • WestcoastEastLa

    Fuck all you hating ass faggots. Game the truth. & you fuckers don’t even buy albums. which is fucking up the music industry. keep downloading faggots. i downloaded the album and still bought the album#Realshit

  • issue

    “I never beg anybody to buy my albums”-games words, and how he threats his fans like garbage by begging them to buy two copies of the album, and he lied again.
    g-unit wasn’t destroyed by the game, 50 cent destroyed with his attitude, but game is a liar.. He just proove himself again.
    And his fans adore it to be fooled by him.
    Good work game.

  • Iceman

    Honestly wtf did he expect. Gave another sub par album, Begged to get back in G-Unit, Dissed rappers then apologises then disses them again. The list goes on. if he wouldve stayed loyal things would be much better for him. But nope. Had to turn a good deal sour. RIP Game

  • IndustryPro

    His fall has nothing to do with the beats, unfortunately he needs to mature. What killed his career? Immaturity!

  • Real Talk

    when game will have 1,2 mil sales first week like 50` Massacre tell me an i will kill myself……now we can`t compare 05 rap game and the actual one. EVEN IF 100k is the first week it`s a flop with all the publicity and Dre exec.

  • Clive

    no matter what a game sales I’m riding wit big homie till the wheels fall off all I gotta say is RICKY….. f*** the critics do you

  • HAHA to all Haters

    HAHAHA WTF? RIP GAME? He sold 300.000 units worldwide! Is that a flop? NO! soooo many haters in here! In these days that’s good!

  • gingerbreadman

    Iceman ur so wrong game never beggd to be part of gunit so shuuuuush n get ur facts rite.y’ll fuckin lads dnt buy albums evrybdy dwnloads thse days n games genre is gangstr rap hip-pop which dosnt appeal 2 evrybdy except if ders a catchy single n game messd up by not hvin any.all d same the album is selling fast nw very well fuck d 1st week sales check d numbers nw.its d no1 fastest selling hip pop album nw.alwys n 4evr a loyal Game fan.West side

  • g-united

    f*ck i like Game but this album is a flop,
    he talk lot of shyt about banks sales n banks album was hot and the thing is that GAME’s album is flop

  • GreenHazard

    Does any one know how real is that article on Lil Wayne’s first week sale topping 1 million?

  • swaggnificient

    am a big fan of gameand to me this album disnt do good and am realy shockedabt dat.

  • j.k

    I thought his gonna go platnum with his worldwide sells.