Lil Wayne ‘Tha Carter IV’ First Week Sales Projections


It’s that time of the year again. One of the biggest albums of the year, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV has been on iTunes for 24 hours with the physical copies hitting stores today (Tuesday). Industry insiders already have their projections in place which they put at 700-850k copies in the first week. The father thinks he can hit a milli. Do you think he can pull that off?

We’ll keep you updated as more reports come in.

UPDATE: Estimates now stand at 850-900k. Wow.

UPDATE 2: The projections have gone up to 925-975k. A milli on the way?

UPDATE 3: Final numbers: 964k

  • That sounds right, 700-850K its 1st week, but We’ll see. Tha Carter III set a different standard than Tha Carter IV so you can’t just say it’ll reach a mill. We’ll find out the final numbers next Wednesday.


  • D-money

    i think he can hit a mill in the first week he pull it off the last time and iknow he can pull it off again YMCMB 4 LIFE

  • Wow

    Damn son. Ppl are crazy it’s a wack album

  • Carter IV!!!

    like bitches, Shanaynay on my good list! This is Wayne’s world and yall are just some tourists!Give me three wishes?,I wish I wish I wish YOU WOULD BITCHH!!!!

  • kaoz

    he ll sell 250 000

  • chtimixeur

    The power of marketing… If it had not been called Carter IV, it would have sold 150-200k at most. SMH

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  • triedge

    A millie or not 750k is damn impressive in these days of 100k-200k debuts from most rappers

  • Aaron Ernest

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper period. Wayve>>>>>Jay-z

  • AP

    I’m an avid Wayne listener… I got this album off the leak and I have to say I wasnt very impressed. I actually was hoping that it wasnt the real album. It really seemed more like one of his mix tapes. Where’s Yeezy? Wheres Jay? Andre 3000 went hard why not put him on a full verse? The song he made with Drake was straight but not very easy on the ears. Seems like the “Best Rapper Alive” could have done some work with the other major names in the game. And whats up with the word play? All i hear is the same shit over and over. I have had the mindset the Wayne is a genius at metaphors and similes not cliches and repetition. I think this was a make or break album for me and I have to say, although im not gonna stop listening to Wayne, YMCMR really let the fans down on this one. Come on weezy we want to hear you go hard, get real and evolve with the trends. PUT SOME FKKIN DUB IN YOUR BEATS BRA!! Whaamp Waaaaamp!! Peace. AP

  • cloudert

    the album is fuckin WACK. FUCK these deaf stans.

  • dickwart

    yea this shit is worse than having sex with the camel which ive done a few times. salty ass haters gonna hate tho. what the fuck would i hate for? ymcmbullshit. id fuck drake raw without protection tho. back to the topic, actually forgot it. hoes, money, im the shit, oh yea im reminded. my dick got stripes like a zebra, i call that jungle fever. this album is a motherfucking classic. example of a piece of shit. wayne lost it but his dick wet so birdman happy. we the bidni$$ 5 [email protected] beleee [email protected]

  • kaoz

    i predicted waynes downfall a couple months back. The ymcmb ship will sink soon. That MMG canoe is next to capsize, watch!

  • Troy

    lolol the song wasn’t that good .. only 6-7 out of 18 songs(deluxe edition is what i have) were good .. i got mine off tha leak .. and to the nikka saying YMCMB will fall .. just get out .. so ur telling me 3 platinum artists will fall ? it’ll be 4 when Tyga releases his sht… Mr.i brought snapbacks back.. and otc do you really think YMCMB will fall with Drake on board? u must be out of your mind .. same with nicki .. their shit is not the same over and over .. wayne will fall but nicki and drizzy definetely wont.. lol MMG .. o yeah sure.. with only Meek Millz and Rick Ross .. no deal.. and Meek Millz isn’t even that good of a rapper .. tsk tsk ..

  • carter4allday

    yea drake and nicki well fall drake sucks he says the same crap over and over again BUT LIL WAYNE FOREVER WHO ELSE CAN SELL THIS MUCH FIRST WEEK IN THESE TIMES ONLY THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  • Jon

    I Swear People Don’t Know What’s Real Music. This Album Is Better Than Tha Carter III. This Album Has The Best Lyrics, People That Don’t Like This Album Just Means That Their Too Slow To Understand His Music. This Album May Not Have The Best Beats, But Has A Strong Message In His Music. I Believe That Wayne Will Make A Million. F*** All Wayne Haters!!!

  • u_dris

    This guy is still the best rapper alive! If not who is?

  • Dustin

    With all the bonus track (because about 2 of them are in the top 5 on the album) including the album I think this is his best album yet. I seriously dont think a single song is weak, well other than how to hate. Megaman, President Carter, Blunt Blowin, So Special, I like the view, Novacane, Two Shots, She Will, How to Love, John, 6’7′, Its Good are all classics. Wayne is more than a rapper. Please dont bring up Watch the Throne and that wack ass shit. “Talking bout Baby money? I got your Baby money! Kidnap your bitch get that How much you love your lady money?”

  • Dex

    Did someone say there is a “message” in Carter IV…

    Unless that message is “I’m a blood” I must’ve missed it, there is only 1 or 2 tracks on the whole album that even have direction. The rest are give me a beat so I can spit random metaphors for 3 mins. Yes the album is solid but don’t get carried away…

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  • bauzz

    We all know BM could buy like 500k of these

  • I bought C4 Deluxe Edition from Target & Sorry for the Wait from Datpiff.

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  • thulani

    Jay is chillin’, ‘Ye is cillin what more can i say? Weezy killin em!

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