50 Cent Interview With Forbes; Talks UN Partnership & New Album

Now that his ambitious project, the Street King energy drink is officially launched, Forbes spoke to 50 Cent about his plans of feeding children in Africa, partnership with the United Nations Word Food Programme and his upcoming 5th album.


50 Cent On Street King:

“It’s mind boggling that people are living under these circumstances. It makes me feel like my motivation for some of the decisions I made early on were made blindly. If you weigh it morally after you’ve grown, it doesn’t make any sense.

Going forward, I want to do things in a bigger, better way. And I think I can achieve it with this actual project … it will influence entrepreneurs, not just musicians. I can influence the artist community in a song. If I were trying to influence them, I’d make a record about it.”

Bettina Luescher of World Food Programme says:

“We are absolutely delighted about this partnership, it really can change the world. The U.N. can’t do it alone. This can be a role model of how one can do philanthropy in a different way … he’s a lovely man.”

50 Cent on his frustration with Interscope and the album which he says will be out in November:

“Out of frustration, I say things. Now, people listen to me so much I can say it under my breath and everybody hears me … I said in the past that I’m a work in progress, and I feel like I’m progressing.”

Full interview here | Pic via TLL

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