Juelz Santana Confirms ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ Album With Lil Wayne Is On The Way

Following Mack Maine’s announcement that Lil Wayne is currently working on the long delayed I Can’t Feel My Face joint album with Juelz Santana, Vibe caught up with the Dipset rapper to seek his views on the subject. Juelz says the album is definitely on the way. This time, he sounds serious.


“So you know —Me and Wayne actually talked and decided that it was the perfect time to get together. We just piecing together the music that we already had—that people ain’t hear— along with—he sent me about 8 new records.

We got a great relationship—whether the album was coming out or not—me and him would still be rocking hard. I think the people that want to hear that album want to hear just me and Wayne. I think the best thing for us to do would just be to get with some great producers.”

Watch the auto-play interview after the jump.

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