50 Cent – ‘Put Ya Hands Up’

Produced by Jahlil Beats. The hook could have been better in my opinion but still strong enough for a mixtape cut. Y’all ready for The Big 10?


Props to Miss Info

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  • JM

    With a better hook this could go.

  • FUCK thse records sounding incredible..wish the hook was better on dis 1

  • carlukio55555

    that shit crazy! 3 out of 3 ;D

  • Capito

    Meh, I don’t know why you all think it’s hot, I’ve been a 50 Cent fan since the Power of the dollar days and kept supporting him up until today but those 3 songs just sucks.

    It sounds old, the beats are absolute trash and the flow is just so generic it that I HAD to just stop the song before the end. (Keep in mind I’m a 50 fan, not HATING ok?)

    If he thinks he’s gonna come back with music like this, you can consider him as dead as Ja Rule.

  • Capito

    Nevermind, tape is dope, should never doubt the kid 50 cent :D

  • boy4rmdasouth

    u starting 2 sound like the game….. is da mixtape dope or not….. i like the records… i love this record…. the is fine with me… fifty cent is here 2 stay obviously like it or love it.

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