Amber Rose – ‘Fame’ (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Amber Rose joins forces with her boyfriend Wiz Khalifa on her first music single. Many people have questioned the move but at least it’s a decent tune. Don’t worry, she’s not rapping.


Via Perez

  • detroit boii

    hmmmmmm not bad

  • JR

    NOT so bad………….. not super great but wasnt horrible (which i expected)
    congrats for her

  • Me

    Ehh. I was expecting more chem in this production–Esp feat wiz. Kinda Luke warm. You can def tell this is not her first true passion.

  • Me

    Since shes been around the music game (lol no puns) It would seem that she would know to put out a rack of songs of her going hard ie. Mixtape- so we can 1- take her seriously and 2-see what shes working with. Dont debut an exclusive single like you jay z feat. BIC and know uve got our ears on lock. Song not bad & much to her success- but Wiz shoulda been lookin out.

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