Common Speaks On Dissing Drake On ‘Stay Schemin (Remix)’

For the first time since his direct attack on Drake on ‘Stay Schemin (Remix)’, Common spoke about the background and the reason for the gripe on Sirius Hip-Hop Nation. Com claims the battle has nothing to do with Serena Williams. We believe you.


Props to RR

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  • higherup

    tbh comoon really stepped too far.. its like he was SCREAMING for attention smh

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  • Drake is um…DEAD?

  • Brian

    He went after him because he doesn’t like singing? Huh? So, anybody that’s not “hardcore” hip-hop is gonna get roasted by Common? Did he not hear his boss’ album 808’s and Heartbreaks? His reasoning still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    So far the most compelling reason I see for him being doing this is for record sales. He hasn’t done a very good job of convincing us otherwise.

    Stuff like this is why hip-hop will never progress as an art form. The second one artist dares to stray from the status quo he gets labeled as “soft” and if jumped on. Why is it soft to make dope music? According to Com, he would respect Drake more if he pretended to be someone he’s not by rapping about guns and drugs. I’m fed up with that attitude. Keep doing your thing Drake.

  • triedge

    What Brian said basically.

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  • commom is just a bitch ass tryin to make a livin wt dissin

  • Charlie Murphy

    @brian, this is directed to your comment “according to com, he would respect drake more about him being something he is not and rapping about guns and drugs” now see common is a classic rapper goes way back with real rappers such as ice t, mob deep etc. He did not once say he will have more respect for drake if he starts rapping about guns etc, he is just saying if someone is going to make a rap album, then make a rap album not a r+b one. Rappers that are main stream have made it hard for people to appreciate hip hop, that is why the real hip hop artists are underground because they stick to what hip hop is about, throwing singing into a rap album, correction making a rap album where it is mainly singing makes it hard to call it a hip hop album. Common is old school and to him this new generation of rap is quite sickening, less people appreciate hip hop these days because now its just for show.