Ja Rule – PIL2 (Album Packaging)

Ja’s team has sent me the first look at the album packaging for his new album PIL2 hitting stores on February 28th, positively. Also included is the F**k Fame Painting by Marcel Bornstein. After the jump, you can peep excerpts from last night’s conversation between Ja and producer 7 Aurelius.


700: This is the last time we’ll ever be able to Sneak Attack the game with a Classic

Ja Rule: I know… the next album they’ll know what it is

700: They never saw this one coming…

Ja Rule : you right ..

( Recorded Message: you have 30 seconds to finish your call)

Ja Rule : I got my GED Sev.. I got word today. Make sure you let the fans know

700: That’s dope. Congrats Brotha.. I will

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