Brandy – Two Eleven (Album Cover & Track List)

Brandy has unveiled the artwork for her upcoming new album Two Eleven which will arrive in stores everywhere on October 2nd. She told that it’s “No gimmicks, real R&B music.” Listen to her latest single ‘Wildest Dreams’ here. Deluxe edition cover below.


UPDATE: Back to the top with the official track list. With only one feature and that too, R&B singer Chris Brown, Brandy is surely aiming for a “real R&B” album. Let’s hope it delivers on that promise. Pre-order on iTunes.

1. Interlude 1
2. Wildest Dreams
3. So Sick
4. Slower
5. No Such Thing As Too Late
6. Let Me Go
7. Without You
8. Put It Down (feat. Chris Brown)
9. Hardly Breathing
10. Do You Know What You Have?
11. Scared of Beautiful
12. Wish Your Love Away
13. Paint This House
14. Can You Hear Me Now?
15. Music
16. What You Need
17. Nodding Off
18. Interlude 2

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