Game Reveals 2nd Single From ‘Jesus Piece’

Game’s new conceptual album Jesus Piece is currently due in December. After unveiling the controversial artwork last week, Game has opened up about the sound of the album and the second single, the follow up to ‘Celebration’. Turns out, it’s a newer version of ‘I Remember’ which appeared on Tyga’s Well Done 3 mixtape (listen to song here). The final version will feature Young Jeezy and Future.


That’s going to be the street record, right?
Yeah, it’s coming. The crazy thing about the second record is I’ma throw it out and I’ma put the video out. You’re not going to be able to get the audio for weeks. I’ma throw it up on WorldStar and BET or YouTube or Vevo or whoever want it first and want to premiere it and get them hits. But the video is going to be crazy. I promise a million views in one day. Guaranteed.

What’s the song and who’s on it?
The song is “I Don’t Remember.” It leaked on Tyga’s mixtape which is all good because that’s my homie and he did a version. But the real song is me, Jeezy, and Future. It’s crazy. Like, crazy.

Peep his full interview with Complex here.

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