[Saturday Spotlight] Da Duo

You have heard some diverse music in our Saturday Spotlight series, ranging from hardcore Hip-Hop to alternative/R&B. And for today’s edition we have picked up a duo from Bronx going by the name of Da Duo. Thank you to all artists who are regularly submitting music for our popular spot. Don’t stop working! Get to know Da Duo and hear their music after the jump.


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Kilo and OT are brothers, collectively know as Da Duo who hail from Gunhill Road streets in Bronx, NYC. Although the track that you get to hear today is purely Hip-Hop, the two are not artists who like to put themselves in a box. With a sharp flow and hard hitting lyrics, they defintiely show a lot of potential. Listen to ‘Last Words’ below which is offf their upcoming project V3.

UPDATE: Watch the music video below. You can also download their Uptown Sh*t EP here. We have also added an interview with Good Fella Media. Check out their interview with XXL here.

Music Video

Interview with Good Fella Media

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