Rick Ross In Car Which Crashes Into Building After Shooting In Florida

car crash

Fort Lauderdale Police are investigating a case after a shooting led to a Rolls Royce crashing into an apartment building in early hours of Monday. According to Police, gun shots were fired around 5 a.m. in the Southeast 15th Avenue and E. Las Olas Boulevard area at a Rolls Royce by another vehicle which led to it crashing into an apartment building at 311 Southeast 15th Avenue.


Neither of the two people inside have suffered injuries and witnesses claim one of the occupants was Rick Ross, NBC Miami reports. A short video of the car crashed into the building is below. Story is still developing.

UPDATE: Rival 50 Cent takes some shots:

UPDATE 2: TMZ says Cops have confirmed that Ross was driving the Rolls-Royce at the time of the crash. The passenger was Shateria L. Moragne-el who is reportedly dating the him.

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