50 Cent’s 44 Minute Interview With Wall Street Journal

50 lee

Got 44 minutes on this lovely Saturday? Grab some popcorn and watch this insightful interview that 50 Cent recently did with Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins.


He speaks on everything connected with his life including SMS promotions and why he took on the job, Eminem not being active outside music, past beefs and fall outs, his secrets of marketing, partnering with World Food Program & Feeding America, not liking some of his uncles, falling out with Floyd Mayweather but still remaining friends with him, his time at Columbia Records & what he learned from it, marketing his mixtapes, Diddy’s contribution to Hip-Hop, recording tons of songs for his new album Street King Immortal, different climates in Hip-Hop, missing Chris Lighty, his future projects & what he wants from his next chapter of life, interview with Oprah, Obama’s idea of taxing the wealthy, and much more.

A few gems:

At the 38 minute mark, 50 tells us why we see a woman and not a man modeling with a brand new car on a magazine cover.

At 40 minute mark, he reveals why he kept his G-Unit sneakers at a reasonable price and how Jay-Z owes him a favor.

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