MTV Hottest MCs In The Game #4: Nas

MTV has announced moments ago on Rapfix Live that #4 on their Hottest MCs In The Game is the Queens legend Nas. Highly deserved.


Not only did Nas drop potent stick-to-your-rib singles like “Daughters,” “The Don” and “Bye Baby,” he went to great lengths to craft memorable story-driven videos to match. ” ‘The Don’ was a great visual, ‘Daughters’ was a great visual, ‘Nasty’ was great and I think with this record coming off of Distant Relatives, nobody expected this,” pointed out MTV Programming VP Yomi Desalu while referencing the mixed reviews surrounding Nas’ Damien Marley collaboration album in 2010.

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  • pimpin

    3)Lil’ Wayne
    2)Rick Ross
    1)Kendrick Lamar

    If these are gonna be the top 3 rappers this year I’m gonna be disappointed just for the fact that they put Yeezy in 7th position,with a masterpiece album out,preferring Weezy who put out the worst mixtape ever last year!!

  • Carlos

    Nas must be happy, dude been in the game 20 years, form is temporary class is permanent! The fact he is still amongst the best after all these years is a testament to his genius. True legend my nigga nasty