R. Kelly On The Arsenio Hall Show

R. Kelly was on the Arsenio Hall Show this evening, and after his sit down with the famed talk show host Kellz gave the crowd an excellent performance of ‘Shut Up’ and ‘When A Woman Loves’. To close out the show, Arsenio asked the R&B legend what his favorite song of his would be to this current day. Find out what Kellz said after the break.


We’ve also added multiple clips from his sit down with Arsenio where they discuss who Kellz is currently listening to, his mother’s love being the reason he overcame his struggles, a couple funny and sexual improv scenes between R. Kelly and 2 fans, panties or thongs?, and Arsenio’s fascination with Kellz’ use of metaphors. They also gave a tribute to Nelson Mandela who sadly passed away this evening.

Black Panties is dropping this Tuesday, December 10th.

Performance of ‘When A Woman Loves’

Nelson Mandela tribute

Improv Scenes

Panties or Thongs?

His mother’s support

Who R. Kelly is listening to

R. Kelly’s Metaphor Use

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