On The Sets: Drake Shoots ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ Remix Video With A$AP Rocky

wu tang shoot (1)

A$AP Rocky on the remix of Drake’s ‘Wu-Tang Forever’? That’s what it appears like. A Noisey writer was able to sneak into the video shoot for the upcoming song last night in Harlem at a building named Watt’s Court. Most of it was held in secrecy and on a night when rest of the city was kinda busy with the Golden Globes, the Girls premiere, and the kickoff of Jay Z’s Magna Carta world tour.


Writes Lukas Hodge:

Once I was above ground, I managed to gather enough information to figure out that the shoot also included A$AP Rocky and was for the upcoming video for the remix for “Wu-Tang Forever.” After scouring the area, I found nothing. As I headed back to the train, defeated by Drizzy yet again, I saw large crowds gathered on both sides of the street all looking towards the entrance of a seven-story apartment building named Watt’s Court. Cops were blocking the sidewalk off with yellow tape, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if this was a video shoot or a crime scene. It quickly became clear there probably wouldn’t be teenage girls screaming “Worst!” if it were the latter.

More photos below.

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