Steve Stoute On The Breakfast Club; Says 50 Cent Should Continue Being The ‘Bad Guy’ In His Music

steve breakfast club

Steve Stoute stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to chat with the hosts for a good 44 minutes.


Steve discussed making of and promoting his new “Tanning Of America” documentary, the N word, racism, relationship with Jay Z, importance of branding, Kanye’s recent antics, issues with 50 Cent, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross having problems with their endorsement brands for their lyrics, Diddy’s Revolt network, future of Hip-Hop potential business with Rick Ross and much more.

Steve also went in further detail about his issues with 50 Cent (he told Angie Martinez yesterday that 50 Cent is not influential). Steve said 50 is thankless to him for the Reebok deal and suggests that he should continue being the bad guy, rapping about getting shot and selling drugs (really?).

Steve and 50 go way back to around 2000 when Steve was the Urban head of Sony/Columbia and 50 got dropped from his label after getting shot 9 times. 50 has often said in interviews that he doesn’t trust Steve anymore so he remains away from him.

Breakfast Club interview

Hot 97 interview where Steve Stoute said 50 Cent is not one of influential artists

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