Chamillionaire – ‘End Of A Knife’

chamillionaire end of a knife

Chamillionaire refuses to rest his music hustle as he decides to unleash another new song today, ‘End Of A Knife’. The song was made available to the “VIP” members of his website for a day before he liberated it for the general public tonight. This is Cham’s story telling at its best. Stream the Kato-produced track below and purchase it on iTunes right here. Got to love the country sounding strings.


  • Steve Schweizer

    Cham drops another clean record, smooth is the name of the game on this one….Better be ready for Poison I am!

  • Jay-T93

    Cham drops another dope track!! maaan i bet yall wont get this song… trust me when i say this haha but damn! love the production on this and cham’s hook is great not to mention the great story on this one. I am ready for Poison!

  • Eden O.

    The concepts that Cham comes up with blows my mind… not many rappers can do what he does!

  • jessie jones

    Another dope song! #chamillitary

  • Ozzy N

    Great song by Chamillionaire. The actual meaning of this song is super dope. Creativity at is finest

  • James Marlar

    This song is so amazing, i get chills every time i jam it, Poison is going to be EPIC, Chamillionaire is GOAT , CHAMILLITARY MAYNE

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Amazing song. Man I love the beat. Pay attention to the lyrics….Great story telling by Cham. The hook is so smooth.

  • Jon

    Love the vivid storytelling on this track! The production was on point too!

  • TheKidBrian

    Chamillionaire’s story telling tracks never fail. I love it.

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  • xx601_Boyxx

    Dope storytelling from cham…nice track….the artwork is real dope also

  • Aamir

    Keep em coming Cham!!

  • Justin Moss

    My mind’s officially blown from this song. The story is crazy, but good. I was going to compliment the artwork or the beat, but damn, I can’t take my mind off the lyrics. Dope song Cham.

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  • Peter

    What’s the meaning behind this?

  • yet another dope song from Cham. Gotta love the story telling. Big props to the dope song

  • The256

    This song is really great, the story telling is perfect. I haven’t I’ve heard story telling this detailed in a while

  • Stephen T.

    Real storytelling at it’s finest! so dope!

  • Shawn

    I can only imagine how poison will be!

  • ZoDo

    Dope personification.. This is what hip hop should be like.. art!!!

  • Dios

    I wonder who makes such dope covers not to mention the song. It’s a beast. Yo people, wake up. Don’t be sleeping on greatness.

  • Another nice track from Chamillionaire

  • Davon Dicks

    chamillionaire invites us to open our minds and think about the meaning of this song and what is happening in this song
    ..the storyline of this song is mindblowing O.o

  • Lev

    I honestly cannot describe how much I love this song. The story (explained by Cham to VIPs) is mind-blowing!

  • Adam

    I need this unique style in my music, one of the freshest concepts Ive heard in a while

  • bfarber

    I love the vibe to this song. The beat has a kind of Latin American or Spanish feel and the flow is smooth as always.

  • Cham murdered this beat!!! His lyrics are so dope, that people love to hate on him!!!

  • Djwarzone

    Just listen to it…. nuff said

  • Davon Dicks

    putting music back where it should be