Possible Album Artwork For Jay Electronica ‘Act II’

act 2

Jay Electronica’s long awaited debut album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) is officially Detox status. The 38 year old rapper first announced the album back in 2007 but still remains unreleased at this point and this is despite signing a deal with Jay Z in 2010 as well asĀ releasing a track list in July, 2012.


Fans’ interest in the album was reignited when he released his ‘Road To Perdition‘ collaboration with Hov earlier this year but he disappeared from limelight yet again.

But here’s something that re-surfaced on the internet. It’s an artwork posted by England based designers ilovedust which was originally posted 10 months ago on Instagram. They don’t say much in ther original post but while replying to a fan’s question whether this was the official artwork to the album, they reply: “This was about as far as we got with the project before 💥💥 he was gone !

Take a look at the original post below. It’s highly possible that it was the cover at some point but was scrapped later. Or maybe it’s still the cover? Only Jay Elect knows.


    Reply by Flash on July 5, 2012 at 3:30pm

    the stans will bite back at you, be careful posting stuff like this on here.

  • Ricky

    looks fuckin dope tho