Kendrick Lamar Signs Albums for Thousands of Fans at Compton Best Buy (Video)

Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DAMN. came with a physical release as well, unlike most albums these days. It is selling pretty well too.


As a gesture to give back to fans, the rapper help an album signing session at the Best Buy store of his hometown of Compton earlier today (April 20) which was attended by thousands of fans. It was attended by approximately 3000 people with the line going all the way up to the parking lot of the store.

Even Mayor Aja Brown was personally present at the event to personally thank Kendrick for his contribution in uplifting the community. “He’s very, very impactful in the way that he wants to help grow his community and to really be present. He’s not a fly-by-night and he loves his community. He definitely puts his money where his mouth is and most importantly, he brings his time and his presence,” ABC quoted her as saying.

Compton Best Buy. @kendricklamar will be signing CD's of his new album, #DAMN. while supplies last. #TDE 4PM

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Below are a couple of videos from the event to give you an idea of the atmosphere. Kendrick has released ‘LOYALTY.’ featuring Rihanna as the follow up single to ‘HUMBLE.’ from DAMN.

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