Stretch & Bobbito Announce New Podcast Debuting This Summer

The legendary duo of Stretch and Bobbito are returning to the game, but this time for a podcast.


The duo, who became famous for hosting the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show in 1990s, will be partnering with NPR for their new podcast. Just in case you’re not aware about them, Stretch and Bobbito became hosts of one of the first radio shows to exclusively cover underground Hip-Hop music as well as play unreleased music and air live freestyles from artists like Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang Clan and others. You needed the duo’s stamp in that era to mean something. In 1998, The Source named the show as the “Best Hip Hop Radio Show of All Time”.

They are now reuniting for a NPR podcast where they will be talking music, art, policits pop culture. No specific date has been announced yet but you can expect it this Summer. Watch a trailer below and check out their Stretch & Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives documentary released in 2015 here if you haven’t it.

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